We’re off to Kenya!

We are so excited to announce that at the end of this month we will be making a big move from the San Francisco Bay Area to Kakamega, Kenya! Marlene has a job with a nonprofit called Innovations for Poverty Action running a water quality analysis lab in a project looking at water, sanitation, hygiene, and health of kids under 5. Tim is excited to have the opportunity to pursue his dreams of working on health in the developing world – and although the details of what he’ll be doing haven’t been worked out, this move puts him in a great position to pursue those goals.

We wanted to start this blog so that we can share some of what we’re thinking and experiencing along our journey – for this next year in Kenya and beyond – and to connect with friends far and wide and receive your support, prayers, and encouragement. This won’t just be a diary! We want to use this opportunity to reflect on not just the big and small day to day events, but on articles, ideas, experiences, conversations, and more that inspire us and make us think about what it means to follow God, to live in a new place and culture, and to make our way through life together.

I hope that you’ll stop by this blog, enjoy reading about our experiences, comment lots, and maybe even come visit! We will miss our family and friends who are now scattered across the world, but also believe that this experience can only serve to show us how connected we really are. So stay connected! In the age of the Internet there is no excuse for remaining a stranger – and we will post as often as we can!