Recently we have been enjoying playing football (soccer) with our colleagues after work as often as possible. Our project has two offices, so we decided to turn our practices into preparation for a face off in competition with the Bungoma team for the WASH B cup! Hands in, everyone!


Since we had a few people leaving the project and we were supposed to do a team building event soon anyway, we turned the competition into a big party, complete with four goats. It’s not a party in Kenya without a goat! The day before the party the goats were running through our meeting, threatening to knock over the projector. It seems almost impossible to keep live animals out of our office here. We tried not to get too attached to the goats however… because the next day we ate them. But first, football.


I shouldn’t have to tell you that the Kakamega office (obviously) won the game!


The competition was fierce, but I think it’s possible that the group singing and cheering on the sidelines were more sweaty and exhausted by the end of the game than the players.



We awarded ourselves the football cup, but we also took the opportunity to recognize some of our staff for their excellent work. It was nice to take the opportunity to celebrate people who contribute as such valuable members of the team!


The amount of food was absurd, and we all ate pilau, stew, ugali, cabbage, sukuma wiki and nyama choma until we couldn’t eat any more.


I guess if you’re a meat eater you should know where your food comes from, and despite having met the goat I was blown away by Moragia’s ability to grill some amazing nyama choma (with Osborn’s help of course!).


It was really nice to spend a fun day with all our staff eating great food and kicking around the soccer ball. The football games continue, and today we even went to a Kenya Premier League game to watch our local team, the Homeboyz, face off against KCB. So the football and the fun are far from over! Karibu any time.



Hell’s Gate

When the animators for the Lion King wanted to find the perfect inspiration for a beautiful African savannah against the backdrop of pride rock, where did they go? Hell’s Gate! 


For our first adventure to the Rift Valley we headed to Hell’s Gate – not only does the park have impressive rock walls and gorges, it’s one of the only parks in the region where you can get out and wander among the animals. The best way to do this is to rent a bike!


We didn’t exactly plan or prepare very far in advance, so we arrived at the camp outside of the park at about 1 in the afternoon with a plan to see everything there was to see before sunset! So around 2 we grabbed some rented bikes (with horribly uncomfortable seats) and biked the 4K to the park entrance. 



We’ve been on safari and seen a bunch of animals before, but it was a completely different and amazing experience to be outside of a vehicle and out among the animals. 

Except the buffalo. You’ll notice we don’t have any pictures of buffalo, because they were enormous and scary and we booked it out of there as fast as our half broken bikes would go.



Aside from watching out for the buffalo, we would recommend that you plan to give yourself a little more time to bike from the camp, through the park to the gorge and back before sunset. We just barely made it back in time, but we made it! Not only did we bike all over the place, we learned about red ochre paint from the Maasai:


and climbed down into the gorge that gives the park its name. Hot springs ooze from the side of the canyon, and there are even a few tiny pools hot enough to boil an egg! Some geothermal energy companies are working in the area to utilize all that power sitting under the rift valley.


Our whirlwind trip through the canyons of Hell’s Gate made me more exhausted than I think I have ever been after an afternoon bike ride, but it was a great adventure and a great intro to the Rift Valley! Just watch out for the buffalo…