Safari in Black and White


There is something really stunning about black and white photography. In the absence of color, texture pops to the forefront and the raw beauty of the subject shines through. This lion was so close to us that his piercing eyes looking into mine sent chills down my spine, and I think this picture captures that powerful gaze. In general the beautiful simplicity of the black and white photos speak for themselves, so I won’t add too many of my own words to these photos.


To see a lone male elephant walking across the savannah is a striking sight – like a wayward ship on an ocean of rippling, swaying grass.


One of my features of elephants – their thick, wrinkly skin – especially pops in black and white.

IMG_5555-2We were really lucky to get so close to this white rhino in the rift valley (and a little terrified). This rhino’s beautiful huge horn is exactly what puts it in danger of poaching and the reason that rangers track its movements closely.

IMG_6930-2Fascinating, awkward, purple-tongued: giraffes.

IMG_7203Mama looks back to check on her baby. They are never far apart!

IMG_6957This lion was hunting with two friends, but the buffalo they were after were just too much for them to take down. Doesn’t he look hungry?

IMG_6825What beautiful eyelashes!

Getting up close to these animals in their home is an incredible experience, and I love the intimacy of these black and white snapshots.


One thought on “Safari in Black and White

  1. I had that same reaction to the lion that kept meeting my gaze. He was very aware of the sound of my camera clicking with each picture taken, and his eyes locked onto mine more than once.

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